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HOMEOWNERS, welcome to Gimme3bids, the place to go when you are ready to get bids for your home improvement project but you don't know who to call.


Give us the details and 3 appointment times you'll be able to make, and we'll send 3 enthusiastic pros to discuss it and give you bids.

We're not live yet, but we have the answers to your questions in the FAQ below.

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  • I have a different question. How can I contact you?
    I you have any any other questions not covered in the PROS FAQ, ask us at .
  • What if I don't show up for an appointment?
    Gimme3bids entire business model will be based on the idea that both homeowners and pros will show up for their appointments. With this in mind, Gimme3bids has set in place a 3 strikes policy whereby infractions that could compromise the Gimme3bids service in the eyes of a homeowner (such as missing appointments, bad work, or financial misgivings) are awarded strikes based on the severity of the infraction. Strikes will be in place for a predetermined period of time, and upon expiring, will no longer count against you. If at any time a pro accumulates 3 strikes, they will be ineligible to bid on future appointments. All current bids and appointments will stand, unchanged. Strike penalties will be adjusted as is necessary, but the initial penalty for missing an appointment (without notice) will be 2 "180 day strikes." All penalties will be subject to homeowner reporting.
  • Can I advertise on
    No. Any company that provides a service that could be fulfilled by the pros who have signed up will be forbidden to advertise on If you provide any, in-home building services, you will be prevented from purchasing advertisements on No pro will be positioned in any way to manupilate the free market forces that are intended to guide our appointment auction service.
  • Can I buy multiple appointments for the same project?
    No. Once you are the high-bidder for an appointment, you will not be eligible to bid on any other appointments for that job. You will also not be eligible to bid on any other appointments that occur within one hour of that appointment. This is to prevent accidentally over-booking yourself. If you are outbid for an appointment, the aforementioned ineligibilities will be lifted, and you will be able to bid on any appointment of your choosing.
  • How much will this cost me?
    Getting started with Gimme3bids will require license and insurance confirmations and will give you access to the Gimme3bids appointment auctions and a Gimme3bids profile page. This will ultimately cost $50, but the first 100 pros will get it for free, and the next 1,000 will get it for $25. From there each appointment you purchase will cost whatever you choose to pay, and if another pro is willing to pay more for that appointment, they will get it, and you will pay nothing. In this manner, all appointment costs will be entirely subject to the free market. Gimme3bids will not manipulate auction pricing in any way, other than to set an opening bid price, which will generally be in the $5-$10 range.
  • What information will you need from me?
    To get started, we will need any licensing and insurance information that you have available. Once confirmed, it will be displayed on your Gimme3bids profile page. Once your payment information is confirmed, you will have access to the Gimme3bids appointment auctions.
  • How many appointments can I buy?
    There will be no limit to the number of appointments you are aloud to buy. To the extent that there is any limitations on your ability to buy an appointment, it will be due to the fact that you have already committed to an appointment at the same time (or within an hour), or your payment method being invalid.
  • What if a homeowner doesn't show up for an appointment?
    If a homeowner isn't home for a scheduled appointment, they will have one opportunity to reschedule. Serial offenders will be refused service through Our homeowner sign-up process is designed to prevent this occurance, but no system will yield perfect adherance to schedules from homeowners.
  • How exactly does Gimme3bids service work?
    Step 1: A homeowner will submit their project with as many details as possible, their contact information, and 3 appointment times they will meet with pros. Step 2: Gimme3bids creates an auction listing with all of the project details (minus any contact information). Each listing will consist of 3 separate items, the appointments scheduled by the homeowner. Step 3: You, as a Pro, will search or browse the auction listings for a project you would be interested in. When you see one you like, you can bid for one of the 3 appointments on the listing. The auction for an appointment will end 48-49 hours before the appointment is scheduled. Step 4: If you win an auction for an appointment, your account will be billed the amount of your bid and you will receive the contact info of the homeowner. The homeowner will also receive your contact information. You and the homeowner may then contact each other, if you would like to, but you will be expected to show up for the appointment you've purchased, whether you contact the homeowner or not. Step 5: Meet with the homeowner at the scheduled appointment time, and try to land the job. It must be made perfectly clear that your transaction with Gimme3bids will be for the purchase of the appointment to meet with the homeowner. Once you have met with the homeowner, Gimme3bids has fulfilled their obligation. It is up to you to land the job.
  • How is this different than a service like Home Advisor?
    Home Advisor sells you names and contact information based on previously set criteria, whether you want a specific lead or not. Gimme3bids sells you appointments you have asked for after you've seen all of the details a homeowner has provided. If you don't want the appointment, just don't bid on it. And if you see an appointment you really want, you can choose to pay more to make sure you get it. Never again will you be sold a name and number that leads to a game of phone tag, or worse, never getting a call back. When you buy an appointment, you will be showing up to meet a homeowner who wants a job done. They were the ones who scheduled the appointment, so you know they can make it.
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